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Managing an interior design project, whether at home, in an apartment, an hotel, a restaurant or an executive office, is a difficult and time-consuming activity. Having recourse to the interior design services of the Hong Kong-based 'My Homy Place' interior design agency is about getting the creative and project management help you need.

Why should you involve a My Homy Place interior designer into your interior design projects? In large cities like Hong Kong or Singapore, designing and managing interior projects is a complicated task.


Involving a professional is about getting advice, particularly on the creative side of things, but also about saving time and ensuring optimal coordination. Here is why…

Interior Designers are professional design advisers

Involving an interior designer into your projects is about bringing a professional look to your project.


As obvious as it sounds, professional designers receive significant training in interior design and, at My Homy Place, in interior architecture. This means, simply put, that we are at best to think (or re-think) spaces whilst optimising circulation to make the most of the available space, we are at best to customise and tailor-make our suggestions. To us, interior design is not only about finding the right piece of curtains, but it is also about imagining a harmonious room with fully exploitable spaces and, of course, fitting curtains.


Involving an interior design specialist is also about bringing specific design expertise into a project. At the My Homy Place interior design agency, for instance, we do specialise in ‘feel home anywhere’ residential design spaces and services (read also: What is 'Feel Home Anywhere' interior design?). This means that we are specialists in projects aiming at designing bespoke apartments, that we are capable of creating comfortable homy interiors in shops and offices so as to make customers and staff stay happily ever after, and that we are at best to help creating hotels where clients will enjoy staying and coming back.

Interior designers bringing a creative western look

Involving interior designers is also about picking a style.


Tastes and styles vary, depending on regions, on personal desires. As far as we are concerned, involving a My Homy Place interior designer is particularly relevant – especially in cities like Hong Kong or Singapore – when it comes to creating places with a western ‘feel home’ feel and touch.


As a ‘made in Paris’ agency, we are particularly efficient in creating homy and elegant interiors, which can be adapted depending on the client’s needs and fancy. For instance, some interiors can be designed with a minimalist atmosphere, but others can also be adapted to match a ‘fusion’ Western and Asian style. In all cases, we are at best to provide our clients with that special touch they need.


In all circumstances, hiring an interior designer is clearly about creativity, about obtaining creative ideas in terms of decorations and creative solutions when it comes to problem-solving challenges. Interior design is a journey, rely on professionals and make yourself at home!

Interior Designers acting as time savers

In addition to creativity, professional interior designers and interior architecture specialists are also time savers.


Designing a space out of nothing or re-thinking an existing space is not an easy task. First, technical problems often get in the ways. In fact, sooner or later, they always get in the way. A wall may bring unwanted surprises for instance. Second, design and decoration always take time. Furniture might prove disproportionate, items with different styles might not match. In all circumstances, thinking an interior requires planning and drawing a big picture first, to ensure that all elements will fit and match each other.


In large cities like Hong Kong or Singapore, finally, hundreds of shops offer thousands of design products. As a result, unless you know what you are looking for and know where to look for it, finding the right design piece usually is a daunting challenge. Not to mention the time you need to go design shopping, of course.


In other words, My Homy Place interior designers are time savers for their clients. As technicians, our problem-solving experience helps to anticipate and to deal with issues both before they occur and after they’ve appeared. As interior design and decoration specialists, we are also at best to help our clients by helping them see the big picture and find the precise items they look for.

Interior Designers as Project Managers

Time-saving also comes with the ability of the My Homy Place interior design team to work as project managers.


Project management plays a big role when it comes to interior design. Whether the project consists in refurbishing a flat, creating a top-notch hotel room, a lobby/restaurant, or designing a convincing model apartment or customising an executive office, coordinating designers, design product suppliers and contractors takes time and efforts.


Hence, our involvement as interior designers includes assisting our clients in managing and coordinating their projects, from the thinking phase to the design phase and the budget phase, up to the execution phase.

So, why involving a My Homy Place interior designer in your design projects?

To sum up, involving a My Homy Place designer into your interior design projects is about making sure that you do obtain the necessary help and support throughout.


From the designing to the project execution phase, and whether you aim at designing an apartment, hotel spaces or comfortable executive offices, we are here to assist.

let’s design our interiors and enjoy ourselves, anywhere! Please get in touch!


Let’s design our interiors and enjoy ourselves, anywhere!

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